a ticking does not absolve the bomb

AUTHOR: Nathan Medema
PUBLICATION: December 2017

Collected texts, and lyrics from H. de Heutz.

Coverstock for first printing is an assemblage of handmade paper from La Papeterie Saint-Armand.

“a compression of thought into something
hard and mean
& empty clearthru”


We are culpable in choosing speech, in choosing the form of collective memory. In a world that operates more through the violence of speed, discarding the concentration of intent, instinct demands that we speak with urgent brevity, through visible codes. The luxury of choosing what to speak of aligns us with stories we can profit from. We acquire social capital, pursue careerist motivations, by adopting the ’cause of the day’. Whose traumas do we adopt, in the accumulation of someone else’s memories? Who is left behind after rapid attention has dried?

The taste of language as it speaks truth is a bitter stone on a tongue that desires, needs water. Resistance is to insist on memory, in spite of the dominance of convenient narratives. It is to resist the traceless silence that is selective in its rupture. To give life again to worlds that we have left behind, that have departed from us, to give life again to words that have been at rest, exchanged for another form, another taste.

Nathan Medema

Nathan is one half of H. de Heutz, a bass/drums/voice/electronics duo. He lives and works in Ottawa, Canada.