Don Mee Choi is a poet and translator. She has received a Whiting Award, Lannan Literary Fellowship, and Lucien Stryk Translation Prize. Born in Seoul, she came to the US via Hong Kong, and now lives in Seattle.    She is a recipient of translation grants from Daesan Foundation and Literature Translation Institute of Korea.

She also translates for the International Women’s Network Against Militarism (IWNAM). Please visit and learn about IWNAM’s transnational work and issues that impact women and children and the environment.   She is an advisory editor for Action Books: Korean Literature Series. She teaches Adult Basic Education at Renton Technical College’s community-partnership site in Downtown Seattle.


HUNG HUNG ( 鴻鴻 )

Hung Hung ( 鴻鴻 ) was born in 1964 in Tainan, southern Taiwan. A leading poet of his generation, he is also a prolific fiction writer, essayist, theater critic, playwright, editor, and festival curator. An award-winning screenwriter as well as stage, film, and documentary film director, he resides in Taipei.



Writer, editor, publisher, printer, muckraker, leaf-kicker. Melusina. Outplace was published with San Francisco-based press, Solar Luxuriance, in May 2017. Journalistic work has appeared in Berfrois, the Media Co-op (Canada), and The Leveller (somesuch). Other writing has appeared 3:AM Magazine, continent. journal, The Brooklyn Rail, Queen Mob’s, .PLINTH., Berfrois, sleepingfish, deluge, e-ratio, Black Sun Lit., REDEFINE Magazine, Craigslist, yr local dumpster. Lital Khaikin also publishes and prints really free literature through the independent press, The Green Violin.



Fiona Sze-Lorrain is the author of three books of poems, most recently The Ruined Elegance (Princeton, 2016). She is also a widely published translator of contemporary Chinese, French, and American poets. As zheng harpist, she has performed worldwide. She lives in Paris.



Rethabile Masilo is a Mosotho poet. He was born in 1961 in Lesotho and left his country with his parents and siblings to go into exile in 1981. He moved through the Republic of South Africa (a very short stay, on account of the weight of Apartheid), Kenya and the United States of America before settling in France in 1987. He lives with his wife and two children and works as a language teacher and translator. He is co-editor of the literary magazine Canopic Jar and blogs at Poéfrika. Things That Are Silent (Pindrop Press, 2012) was his first poetry collection. It was followed by Waslap (The Onslaught Press, 2015), Letter to country (Canopic Publishing, 2016) and Qoaling (The Onslaught Press, 2018).



H. de Heutz: H. de Heutz is Hamidou Diop is Carl von Ryndt is a bass/drums/electronics duo from Ottawa/Hull. dystopian art-punk. / Duo de basse, batterie, et voix, relevé d’usage de sampling. Nathan et Olivier prêtent une urgence et une introspection à leurs prestations qui crée un espace propice à la réflexion sur le politique.



ko ko thett is a poet by choice and Burmese by chance. In between he is a poetry editor, literary translator, and anthologist of contemporary Burmese poetry. Selections from his book, the burden of being burmese, have been translated into Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and Finnish. thett’s poems are anthologised in Best American Experimental Writing 2016 [BAX 2016], CAPITALS: A Poetry Anthology (2017) and The Borderlands of Asia: Culture, Place, Poetry (2017) among others. After a whirlwind tour of Asia, Europe and North America for two decades, thett happily resettled in Sagaing in his native Burma-Myanmar in 2017. thett writes in both Burmese and English.



Abraham Tesfalul Zere is an exiled Eritrean writer and journalist  who was one of the founding members  of PEN Eritrea where he currently serves as Executive Director. Zere left Eritrea in 2012 and is now based in Ohio, USA.