New publications, Atlantic distribution, and forthcoming for September 2018

After a hiatus of summer unemployment (there are no convenient seasons for joblessness), The Green Violin is printing once again, and expanding Canadian distribution! Copies of all Green Violin publications are always available for mail by request. The Green Violin will be distributing a few publications in Vancouver in early October. Special drop-points are also forthcoming in Atlantic Canada (Moncton, Sackville, Halifax, Saint John, and Fredericton), thanks to an H. de Heutz tour late September, and in Trois-Rivières on October 26. … READ MORE.


Abraham T. Zere’s Anecdotes of Indefinite Anarchy is printing

Abraham T. Zere’s Anecdotes of Indefinite Anarchy is printing! Copies will be available soon. The first edition of this small collection of Zere’s writing is printed on cut-off book-paper (rescued trash from Pierre Filion’s Montréal-based press “Les Éditions du Silence”)… READ MORE.



forthcoming: Abraham T. Zere’s “Anecdotes of Indefinite Anarchy”

Forthcoming this month through the Green Violin is Anecdotes of Indefinite Anarchy by Abraham T. Zere. In the texts compiled in Anecdotes of Indefinite Anarchy, Abraham T. Zere writes about Eritrea, one of the most silent countries in the world… READ MORE.



PDF available for Nathan Medema’s “a ticking does not absolve the bomb”

Nathan Medema’s a ticking does not absolve the bomb is now available online as a PDF, on its publication pageREAD MORE.



the green violin’s first publications

The last few months of 2017 brought out the first publications of The Green Violin. The website went live before winter set in, though it’s still being developed and filled out, and the press is expecting a few new releases in early 2018… READ MORE.